Saturday, January 22, 2011

Trailer Park Boys Ticket

In 2003, my parents came back from a visit to PEI and told me there was a Canadian TV show that I “had to see” and I “was going to love”. My father had been matched with one of the show’s stars ( named Bubbles) at a celebrity golf tournament, and he and my mom started watching episodes. That show was the Trailer Park Boys, and I became an instant fan.

Tonight, the Trailer Park Boys (Bubbles, Ricky, and Julian) have a show at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston. This ticket was one of my Christmas presents, and I have been counting down the days. I’m not sure what a TPB stage show is like, but I’m betting it’s going to make me laugh a lot…

If you’ve never seen the Trailer Park Boys, here are a couple of “Rickyisms” compilations. Ricky isn’t the brightest one at the Sunnyvale trailer park, and often confuses and mixes up words.

I wore a few TPB t-shirts for my blog last year: Parental Advisory, Trailer Park Cows, and Bubbles with a Rocket. If you want to get your own TPB stuff, you can check out the official online store. I will be wearing my Sunnyvale hockey jersey to the show tonight.

Trailer Park Boys is a hilarious show, but my favorite part about it is just about every episode has the characters getting reminders about how lucky they are to have each other. They may deal with guns, drugs, and other crimes, but the boys certainly all love each other…

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