Friday, January 21, 2011

pop-tart postcard (1993)

First, thank you to Wendy for letting me publish this. She said it made her laugh, so that’s a good thing…

I love how on the front of the Pop-Tart card, there’s an offer for a free music cassette tape with proofs-of-purchase. Now, I’m betting you get a free mp3 download offer. Wendy, being the very creative Emerson College student that she was, intentionally blanked out the T and S in “tarts” to make it a “pop-art” postcard. But, with Smucker’s real fruit? You don’t eat these things for fruit. You eat these things when you need a sugar rush in the morning to get you going.

One of my favorite comedians, Brian Regan, has a hilarious pop-tart bit:

Wendy and I met our freshman year in college. She met my cousin at Emerson, and stayed with her over Thanksgiving break. We started hanging out after that and went ice-skating a few times – I couldn’t believe that a girl from L.A. actually knew how to skate! I thought she was unlike many of the BC girls that I had met, and at some point I wrote and sent her a poem. She made the mistake of telling me she liked it, and several other poems followed. They were obviously some of the first poems I ever wrote, because Wendy told me she only thought of me as a friend. But, we stayed friends and have stayed in touch over these 18 (ouch) years.

After seeing the postcard, Wendy told me she changed majors so many times, she doesn’t even remember having it as “Communications Disorders”. She also wishes she could still have a schedule allowing her to get home at 2 every day. I’m glad to report that Remington’s is still going strong. And Wendy, I plan to be ice-skating a lot in the coming months. I have training to do…

PS – Do you know how many freakin’ pop-tart flavors there are now? The answer is here.

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  1. I can't believe that:
    a.) it only cost .29 to send a postcard
    b.) i was a college freshman 18 years ago


    On a related note, I don't remember much about Wendy's visit at Thanksgiving, except that when she & I were driving around the rotary, I waved at someone - I forget who (Auntie Nancy? Mrs. Thomas?) and Wendy was astonished that I knew people in the street. That was the first time it occurred to me that not everyone grows up in a small town!