Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Focusin: Set List, Ticket, Bumper Sticker, Pictures

They weren't around for very long, but they were definitely a big part of my life...
8+ years ago (woah!) when my friend Glen told me he had joined a band called Focusin, I knew I definitely had to check them out. After seeing that first show, I knew I would be going to as many future Focusin gigs as I could. Friend in the band or no friend in the band, these guys could play. I had a pretty good excuse for the first show that I missed: I was in the ER getting morphine for my first kidney stone. I went to see them in small venues like the Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain, at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, and everywhere in between. I watched them go through drummers like they were Spinal Tap, hung out with them at rehearsal, and even got to go up on stage a couple of times. Fun times, for sure...

I'm not sure which show the set list is from, but I know I was happy they started with my favorite song (Which is "Been Too Long", not sure who to blame for the misspell). The ticket is from the Town Fair show at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh (that's where the Steelers play). Focusin entered a national battle of the bands in 2003 and won the whole thing. Their grand prize was transportation to and lodging in Pittsburgh, and being the opening act for this show. They opened for Blink 182, Puddle Of Mudd, 311, Def Leppard, Sum 41, Saliva, and Trapt. The show rocked, and I almost got into a fight with a local who vocalized he wasn't happy when the stage manager told Focusin they could play an extra song. The bumper stickers were something I often handed out (along with Focusin demo CDs) to the thousands of adoring fans at their shows. I wonder how many people still have one of these besides me?
The first picture is of Glen and me at Copperfield's in Boston. It was the end of the night, and the boys agreed to let Glen and I do our best version of Denis Leary's "Asshole". I must admit, it was one of the happiest few minutes of my life - people were actually singing along! The one below that is Glen signing his first autograph during the Town Fair show, and the picture in the upper right is me with Glen and our friends Mike and Matt (also at the Pittsburgh show). The last picture is me with the Focusin boys at their CD release party in 2005. It was at the Middle East in Cambridge and was on my birthday - pretty damn cool.
For more on Focusin, you can check out the Focusin T-shirts I blogged about last year: T-shirt #59, T-shirt #115, and T-shirt #203.
You can also check out the Focusin Myspace Page, Facebook Page, and YouTube Channel.
Finally, you can watch their video for "Hypnotize" here and their performance of "Seasick" at Heinz Field below.
Thanks for all the great memories, Focusin! Looking forward to the next reunion show!


Focusin | Myspace Music Videos

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