Sunday, January 9, 2011

Holy Mullet, Batman! (Saint John's Junior Year ID)

I wish I could tell you that those wings spreading out by my collar were just shadows. Nope, that’s my hair. In my defense, sporting a mullet was the only way I could have anything approaching long hair at the Ol' SJ . There's no way they would have even let me take this ID picture if my hair were longer on the sides or in front. I believe the actual written rule was anything "past the collar", so even this picture is "rebellious" as far as Saint John's standards. I think my lack of troublemaking for the SJ teachers let me get away with this atrocious hair. (If you want to see other great mullets, you can see AND rate some here)

I did have to meet with one of the Deans of Students (Mr. Robert Moynagh) my very first day at Saint John's. It wasn't because of my hair or any rule breaking. Instead, I had lost the combination for my lock and the Dean had to chop off my lock with a bolt cutter. The funniest part about the whole thing was when my mother came to pick me up. As we drove away, Mr. Moynagh was standing on the sidewalk and saw me in the van. When he waved to me, my mother wondered who he was and how he knew me. I told her that he was the Dean, but had "no idea" how he knew me and thought he was just waving to everyone.
In a way, Saint John's is responsible for my t-shirt blog. I didn't like having to wear a button shirt and tie every day, and t-shirts became my favorite choice of garb whenever I was out of school. But, I am glad I went to SJ. I got a great education and received unbelievable support from the Saint John's community when I was diagnosed with Crohn's freshman year and cancer my senior year. At over $10,000 a year now, I hope Saint John's is still providing Grade A education and support for its students...

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