Saturday, January 1, 2011

People Who Don't Suck

12 years ago when I was getting my Master's in education, I was student teaching at a special education school in Boston. One of the math projects I assigned that year was creating, conducting, and reporting a survey. The students chose a topic they were interested in (video games, movies, and food were popular) and came up with questions to ask other students and teachers. After distributing, collecting, and recording the answers from the surveys, each student had to pick at least 3 questions and make a graph for the results.
When I told MB it was time to pick the questions he wanted to graph, he gave me some of his usual task avoidance/Jim Carey-like silliness. When he could tell that I was serious he took a piece of paper, quickly scribbled something on it, and handed it to me. This is what he gave me...

I laughed my ass off, and I couldn't have agreed more. It wasn't the first time that MB had me laughing out loud as I attempted to teach. In September, I was outlining the science subjects we were going to be studying that school year. I told them we would be doing a unit in biology followed by chemistry. I added that I had ordered a really cool book called "Chemistry with Toys" that explained how things like Silly Putty and Lava Lamps worked. I then went on and explained that we would also be studying health and sex ed. MB immediately raised his hand and when I called on him he asked, "Did you get the 'Sex Ed with Toys' book?" In the midst of my laughter I managed to get out, "M, that is very funny, but not appropriate for school..."

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