Sunday, January 30, 2011

Court Summons from a Best Friend

When I was a sophomore in college, I started thinking that some of the events in my life up to that point might make for good scenes in a movie. There was my Crohn’s Disease diagnosis when I was a freshman in high school, brain cancer when I was a senior in high school, struggles with drinking, and unsuccessful attempts at wooing BC females.

Then about 9 years ago, something happened to me that would be unbelievable even in a movie. I had not been very responsible with one of my credit cards, and wasn’t able to pay back what I owed. I thought I had been making monthly payments to a debt-reduction company, but it turned out it was a fake one (see FTC statement here). So, my credit card company decided to take me to court. Out of all the law offices in Massachusetts, they chose the one that my friend worked at. And out of all the lawyers at that office, my friend Carl was the one was assigned my case. This is the letter I received from him:

I don’t know what the odds of this happening are, but I’m betting it doesn’t happen very often. When I got the letter, I immediately called Carl. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Why are you suing me?

Carl: I’m not suing you.

Me: Do you get a stack of papers that you sign without even reading them?

Carl: Yeah.

Me: Yeah, you’re suing me.

Carl: Hold on a minute.

(Carl looks up my name on the computer)

Carl: Yeah, I am suing you.

Carl says he felt bad because if he noticed the letter was for me, he might have been able to help me with it before all the suing and court stuff. I tell him that it was my own fault I was in that position anyway, and it makes for a great, unbelievable story.

Today is Carl’s birthday, and I am lucky to have him in my life. He has provided me with countless laughs, fun times, and legal help. We have been playing video game hockey ever since we met in college, and I hope that doesn’t stop for as long as we can use the controllers and see the TV screen. And I’m sure we’ll be still arguing about Extreme and Queensryche. In the Book of Dave, the Chapter of Carl will certainly be a funny one. This letter is just a peek into the hilarity and insanity that knowing Carl has given me. I look forward to sharing more “Carl Stories” in my next book. Happy Birthday buddy, I’m sorry I had to beat you in OT this weekend…

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