Sunday, January 16, 2011

Poem Given to Me, 2005

Although I’ve published about 300 poems, this isn’t one of mine. This one was given to me about six years ago from a young woman I was dating.

Inspiration has always been a weird thing to me. I don’t control who or what inspires me, and usually don’t keep that inspiration to myself.

Some celebrities that inspire me are Denis Leary, Jon Stewart, Eddie Vedder, and Cam Neely. I listen to them, watch them, admire them, spend my time and money on them, and defend them if someone dares badmouth them in my presence. Their work has helped me get through some difficult times. These men have made me laugh, think, and try to be a better person.

There is a new Denis Leary stand-up on Comedy Central tonight, and of course, I have to see it right away. And of course, all the proceeds from it are going to the Leary Firefighter Foundation. Since he began it in 2000, the LFF has raised $10 million to help firefighters be better prepared for their difficult jobs. Pretty f’n amazing, Denis.

I am lucky to also have a lot of family and friends that inspire me. My parents have provided for me and supported me far and above what their titles call for. My brothers and sisters have been there for me through my Crohn’s, cancer, and drinking. Their talents in various fields (parenting, writing, art, history, acting, wiffle ball, computers, politics) have also been an inspiration to me over the years. I have friends that have given me free legal advice and actions, free laptops and iPhones, and have supported my writing, Hope Lodge fundraising, and crazy ideas like my t-shirt blog.

And yes, there have been women that have inspired me. They have inspired me to write, to keep being silly, and to be a better person. Some I didn’t date for long and some ended up being relationships. A few are still my friends, some are Facebook friends, and some aren’t in my life at all. But I am thankful for knowing them, writing about them, and learning from them.

I am also inspired now by the woman who currently calls me her boyfriend. She makes me laugh, write, and reach for my dreams. She supports my goals and ideas and she isn’t afraid to give me advice. Her ideal world is similar to mine. She was cool when I asked her about posting this scan, and doesn’t let anything I wrote years ago bother her. She makes me happy, and I’m glad she’s in my life…

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