Monday, January 3, 2011

Cry Ulfie, Cry!

I try not to take pleasure in the misfortunes of others. But, when someone messes with one of my heroes, that all changes...
In 1991, my beloved Bruins were playing the Penguins in the Conference Finals. In game 3, Ulf Samuelsson cheap-shotted Cam Neely with a hit on his knee that would lead to Cam's career ending much too early. Although (as you can see on YouTube) Cam says the hit they show isn't the one that really did it, Samuelsson's cheap style of play against him did. Even though I hope "Ulfie" didn't intend to end Neely's career, I don't think he ever apologized to Cam. And after this hit, he also backed down every time Neely challenged him (probably something to do with the pounding he took earlier when he was on the Whalers - see clip below). Simply put, Ulf Samuelsson is not the type of player I want to see on the Bruins...ever!
Seven years later during the 1998 Olympics, my friend Ulfie was playing for his homeland Sweden. Then, they found out he had a US passport and he wasn't allowed to play for the rest of the tournament. It made him cry, and seeing this picture made me happy. So happy in fact, that I hung it over my dresser for several years.

Ironically, I now root for this goon's son Philip, who plays for the BC Eagles (Hey, it's not the kid's fault his father is bad-mouthed by every Bruins fan and many hockey fans). And don't you worry - I look for Ulf at every game I attend. It's been almost twenty years, but I would love it if I could ask him if he's ever going to apologize to Cam. Jesus, he cried over missing the Olympics. What if someone had taken away years of your NHL career, Ulfie? GO B'S!!!!

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