Monday, January 10, 2011

My Bling (World War II dog tags, wedding band, and Saint Rita medal)

This is what I wear around my neck every day…

The dog tags are my grandfather’s from Word War II. His name was David Michael Hayes, and he was from Worcester, MA. His blood type was O, and his rank was captain. His father was Patrick Hayes who lived at 3 Lily Street in Worcester (which doesn’t exist anymore). He was 26 when he went away to fight (the day after he married my grandmother), and he didn’t return for over 3 years. I only knew him for the first 9 years of my life, but I’m pretty sure he’s been looking out for me well past then (like the time I got hit by the Ford Bronco, perhaps?). Anytime you think I’m being a wiseass, he’s partially to blame.

The ring is my grandfather’s wedding band – it was resized after he passed away so my grandmother could wear it. Although there are many, I will share my favorite “Gram” story. My uncle, who had just started dating my aunt, was picking her up one night. This night happened to be “Bridge Night”, when my grandmother got her friends together to drink, smoke, and play the occasional round of Bridge. Her beverage of choice that night was Harvey Wallbangers, and she definitely had a few in her when my uncle showed up. When she answered the door slightly slurring her words she told my uncle something to the effect of: “You’ll have to pardon me, I’ve had a few Harvey Wallbangers, and now I don’t know who I’m banging, Harvey or the wall…” (Welcome to the family!) Even though neither of my grandparents are here now, their love has certainly been passed down to my generation and I’m glad I get to wear a symbol of it around my neck.

If you didn’t know, Saint Rita is the patron saint of impossible dreams (You can read more about her here, here, and here). A couple of those have prayers to say to Saint Rita, but I came up with a poem of my own:

Saint Rita,

Are you still there,

Or has it been too long

Since the earth

Saw you here?

My dream impossible

Is to see your image

With fire,

A pass around the world

And everyone’s colorblind.

Saint Rita,

I call upon thee

To save us,

And why not tonight?

How much more desperation

Before we get your

Interventional light?

No matter what your religion or what/who you pray to (if you pray at all), I really do think things like world peace are possible if enough people believe and want it to happen. This is what I wear because this is what I believe in: Family, Love, and Dreams. I hope you have a lot of each of those in your life…


  1. OMG, it is a good thing Gram won't ever know you've put this story on the World Wide Web!!!

  2. I'm sure she knows and I hope she's laughing about it! :)