Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Note from Dad and Picture with Mom and Dad in PEI

My family reminds me of the 2010-2011 Boston Bruins. They stick up for each other, believe in each other, and embrace each other through tough times.

For the B’s, there have been injuries, losing streaks, powerplay woes, and 0-2 playoff holes.

For my family over the years it has been broken bones, Diabetes, Asthma, Crohn’s Disease, brain cancer, drinking issues, unemployment, surgeries, kidney stones, broken hearts, ER visits, and other “normal” family struggles.

The Bruins have their captain, Zdeno Chara, and netminder Tim Thomas as the two big leaders of the team. Through their actions and words, Z and Timmy have led the B’s to a place they haven’t been in 21 years. They have shown what it takes to overcome adversity, and are on the verge of evening up the 2011 Cup Finals.

The McGraths have my mom and dad, Mary Beth and Paul. When their 5 children faced medical, professional, and emotional challenges, they responded with nothing but unconditional love and support. They made our family stronger when faced with things that might drive other families apart. It all started when they pledged their love for each other 42 years ago today, and each day since they have been perfect role models to what I think is life’s most important lesson: The only thing that really matters in life is the people you have in yours.

Thanks for everything Mom and Dad…I love you. And, GO B’S!!!!!

Scan note: My parents are always writing me notes like this one, which my dad left me before a trip to Prince Edward Island. I keep just about all of them, and I’m sure a few more will make their way onto this blog like this other one did. And the picture (don’t know where the spots came from) is of me with my parents up in PEI.

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