Thursday, June 30, 2011

Note from Kindergarten Teacher

Although I’ve written a lot about how my family and friends have been there for me during my challenging times, my teachers have played another huge role in my life.

They taught me how to read, write, question, do math, and think about a world beyond my own. They encouraged me when I did well, and let me know when I wasn’t performing up to my potential. Most of them reinforced a very important lesson that I was also receiving at home: treat others well and fairly.

When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s and cancer, all of my teachers at Saint John’s were very supportive and understanding. Even teachers I had before I was at SJ sent me cards to let me know they were thinking about and praying for me. Today, I got this note from a person who taught me 30 years ago. Even without a donation to Skating for Hope, this note is pretty amazing, and definitely inspirational. But 30 years later, my kindergarten teacher is supporting me with words and a donation.

I wish the news had more stories like this, instead of those filled with violence and people not helping others.

Thank you to all of the teachers who have helped me, supported me, and inspired me. I hope all of the current teachers out there are enjoying the start of their well-deserved summer vacation and thank you to my kindergarten teacher sending me such a kind note and supporting Skating for Hope!

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