Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cover of the Worcester Telegram (6/16/11)

This picture means a lot to me.

It means you shouldn’t give up on your dreams…ever.

It means if you want something enough, you can get it.

It means sometimes the good guys win.

It means that positive thinking and visualization work.

It means that hard work pays off.

It means I don’t have to keep looking at this 1970 issue of the Telegram for inspiration.

It means I can watch the replay of Glen Wesley missing the open net in overtime of Game 1 in the 1990 Stanley Cup Finals without wincing.

It means I have a parade to go to on Saturday.

It means I will have a summer of celebration instead of just waiting for (what seems forever) the next NHL season to start.

It means that there are a lot of upset people in Montreal (boo hoo).

It means that, without a doubt, Boston is Titletown.

It means that the longer you have to wait for something, the sweeter it is when you get it.

It means that no goal should seem impossible.

It means that if enough people believe in something and believe in each other, great things will happen.

It means that yes, the B’s really DID win The Cup!!!!!!

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