Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Receipt from Green Mountain Coffee Donation to Skating for Hope

A couple of years ago, a Hope Lodge guest called up Keurig to see if they would donated one of their brewers to us. Not long after her call, we received a brewer and several single-serve brewing cups to go along with it. It was really great, and made all the guests and staff feel appreciated.

I wasn’t sure if it would be as easy getting an item donated to raffle at Skating for Hope, but still thought it wouldn’t hurt to look into it.

One phone call to Green Mountain and two submitted forms later, I received this receipt. On the way to Hope Lodge is an Elite K-Cup Brewer along with a supply of Fair Trade Vermont Country Blend K-Cups. It made my day!

So, thank you for supporting Hope Lodge, Green Mountain and Keurig! Your donation will make Skating for Hope more of a success, and will help cancer patients – which is a very big deal to me! Also, your donation from two years ago is still used often by everyone at Hope Lodge, and I make sure to tell anyone using it about your kidness.

I hope anyone reading this will keep Green Mountain and Keurig in mind the next time they are buying coffee or a new brewer! And if you want to win this prize at the raffle, come to Skating for Hope!

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