Friday, June 3, 2011

Demetri Martin and David Cross Tickets (2009)

A few of my friends and I share a love for stand-up comedy. Among our favorites are these two guys. If you like stand-up and haven’t checked out Demetri Martin or David Cross, I highly recommend both of them.

I went to see Demetri Martin with my friend Cailin, and a funny thing happened on the way to the show. We were driving through Westboro on our way to Boston, and coming up on the rotary in the middle of town. Just as we hit the rotary, a storm of police cruisers and officers appeared as if they were waiting for us. One cop put his hand up and told me I had to stay where I was. Cailin and I started freaking out a bit, wondering what the hell was going on. We then saw cruisers and a truck circling the rotary, sirens and horns whaling repeatedly. Then I remembered seeing a sign that mentioned something about a soldier returning from his call of duty. A weird coincidence, we had arrived at the rotary just as the welcoming parade of cars had.

The David Cross show, which I went to with my friend Glen and his wife Krissy, didn’t start of as dramatically as the Demetri Martin one, but David did not disappoint. The great thing about this show was that it was recorded and released on the CD Bigger and Blackerer, which I still have to burn and send to Glen. Don’t worry buddy, I’ll get it out to you…

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