Monday, June 6, 2011

Boston Globe Article About Glen Goland and U2 and U2 Tickets (2001, 2005, 2009)

Dear U2,

I am writing to tell you about one of your biggest fans. His name is Glen Goland, and he has been an amazing friend to me over the years.

He has been there for me when times were tough medically, emotionally, and professionally. When times have been good, he’s been there to share countless laughs with me. He also took me to my first U2 shows in 2005 and 2009, and (not surprisingly) we had a blast.

Last year, Glen moved across the country with his wife. Before he left, he game me his iPhone, MacBook, snowboard, and a lot of other things he decided he didn’t really need.

In 2003, he began giving me a gift that far surpasses all the others. He started teaching me how to play guitar.

Thanks to Glen, I was able to be online every day last year and this year to publish my daily blogs. I am also able to pick up a guitar and strum a lot of my favorite songs thanks to him.

Ten years ago tonight, you had a show in Boston and invited Glen up on stage to play with you. Although the concert was recorded for a DVD, the footage of Curtis Mayfield’s “People Get Ready” was not included because it wasn’t a U2 original.

I’m writing to you because I think Glen deserves a copy of this special moment. It wasn’t on the DVD, but I’m sure the footage exists. If you’re afraid that Glen might try to profit from this video (even though I assure you he’s not the type of person who would; he would just watch it 4,352 times in a row), then I suggest you have someone post it on YouTube. If everyone has access to it, no one can profit from it.

Glen has given me more than I could ask for in a friend, and has given you everything you deserve in a fan.

It’s time to give back.


Dave McGrath

PS – Go Bruins!

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