Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Letter from Kevin (6-23-94)

I got this letter from my friend Kevin when I was working at Med-O-Lark up in Maine. Here’s my best transcription…



I must begin by congratulating you on your camp job. Second by apologizing for how late this reply is. Truth be told I lost the postcard you sent me until a few days ago. Let’s just say I saved it from the trash and total obliteration. But I found it.

So how is the camp staff? Are they kinder wild animals or sweet controllable able robots, under the spell of Barney’s (?) love train. ßWhat?

Anyways, call me. I have a 800 number so you shouldn’t worry about having change or a card to call. The parentals got this line last September for me to call to lower my phone bills. Call 1-800- , anytime, 24 hours a day…I’m waiting…(?), that’s right, call me now big guy. Seriously, this is my number, not phone sex.


You can call anytime, if I am not home, just leave a message. I think I have your number, but leave it anyway.

If you should get this before July 4, and I hope you should, but you can never tell with the post office, definitely call me. If you don’t call, I will write again, just in case you didn’t get this letter.

I do want to get together. Maine is not exactly as happenin’ as Boston. I mean all of Maine can’t stand up to Boston. I am working at Shaw’s and also tutoring kids on the side, mowing lawns, etc. As it stands all the money I’ve made so far has paid debts. I have the rest of the summer to save for next year. Anyway, have fun and good luck,

call me.


I actually did hang out with Kevin that July 4th, at the usual hangout spot of nearby Crystal Pond. I could have sworn it was called Crystal Lake back then, I see the road it’s on is called Crystal Lake Road. Maybe we just called it Crystal Lake in honor of the Friday the 13th movies? Anyway, I remember drinking some nasty “40s” that night (40 ounce bottles of malt liquor), and celebrating my freedom in a drunken-but-still-in-control state. I’m sure both Kevin and Gary were looking out for me…right guys?

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