Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Greg Montalbano Classic Program (5/15/10)

Last year, Saint John’s and Westboro High played a game in memory of Greg Montalbano after dedicating the bullpen area in his name. All the players wore Montalbano shirts (see my Greg stories on the blog about my Montalbano shirt here), and Westboro won 5-4.

On New Year’s Eve coming into this year, I had a party with all of my t-shirts on display. Family and friends came, and everyone walked away with a new t-shirt after making a donation towards the rink rental for my Skating for Hope event. Not long after the stroke of midnight, I received a call from my friend Mike, Greg’s cousin. He asked if the Montalbano shirt was still available, and it was. “Okay, I’ll take it for $100”, he told me. I was shocked, elated, and a bit teary. Mike’s call was the perfect way of starting the year.

I was thinking of Greg as I skated and played for 6 ½ hours today. I’m hoping to get a Saint John’s / Westboro alum hockey game together for Skating for Hope in Greg and Danny Manning’s honor. I will definitely have these two Saint John’s grads on my mind as I skate on July 30th

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