Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pictures from Fales (mid 1980s)

My guess is that these are from the 4th or 5th grade, but I really don’t know.

When I think of those days at Fales, these are some things is that come to mind:

  • Playing kickball at recess, including when the 4th grade team I was on beat the 5th grade team (one of the moments in my life I wish I had on video)
  • Being glad I was never the last kid picked for teams at recess (I wasn’t the first, either)
  • Calling Mr. Fournier “Chuck”
  • Getting busted misbehaving at an assembly by Mr. Gatley and getting “strikes” against me (he had fouls, penalties, and strikes, depending on the season, and if you ran out, he called home)
  • Laughing so hard when I misread “Great Plains” as “Green Plains” that Mrs. Foley decided to take class outside for the rest of the period instead of finishing the lesson
  • When Adam had the principal nearly freaking out because she thought he spilled a soda in the office (it was a fake spill practical joke can)
  • Being one of a handful of 5th graders who knew A) who Motley Crue was and B) when Vince Neil had his car accident that killed Hanoi Rocks drummer “Razzle”
  • Missing the 4th grade field trip to Sturbridge Village because I was sick that whole week
  • The afternoon in 5th grade when I started feeling “weird”, but all my friends thought I was kidding. I passed out, and woke up to the faces of my teacher, principal, and the school nurse (most likely a Crohn’s preview, I think)
  • When Mrs. Graham asked me to carefully open the curtains, and I pulled them off the runners
  • Doing The Wave in Mrs. Graham’s class
  • Telling all of my teachers that there were two more McGraths to go after me
  • Being the only McGrath to go to Fales K-5th

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