Sunday, May 8, 2011

Worcester Telegram, May 11th, 1970

It’s really not a matter of opinion: My mom is awesome. Not only did she take care of 5 kids, she helped each of those kids through some tough medical issues. There was Diabetes, Asthma, dog attacks, bike accidents, climbing tree falls, Crohn’s Disease, cysts, brain cancer, rehab, surgeries, broken bones, and ER visits.

My mom and dad are also the two biggest hockey fans that I know. Once when I lived in Waltham, I got back to my apartment and my roommate told me my mother had called. He also added that he talked to her about the Bruins for about a ½ hour. I wasn’t surprised.

I was thrilled when my mom gave me this issue of the Telegram from when the Bruins won the Cup in 1970. Bobby Orr scored his famous goal on May 10th that year. You’d think that two huge Bruins fans like my parents would have been thrilled with just this Boston sports feat. That might have been true if their first child (my older brother) hadn’t been born just 6 days earlier. May 10, 1970 also happened to be Mother’s Day – her first of many.

My brothers, sisters, and I really can’t thank our mother enough for all she has done to help us through life. She helped with the simple things like getting us to places and homework, and the less simple things like Insulin injections and chemotherapy. She has also continued to support us in our adulthood.

Thanks for everything Mom, I love you! Here’s to the Bruins winning another Cup and a celebration we can share!

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