Friday, May 27, 2011

Bruins Playoff Towel

I’m sitting at my parents’ house in between the first two periods of the Bruins/Lightning game 7 Eastern Conference Finals playoff game. I’ll take it! I’m here with my older sister and two nephews. Although my nephews are enjoying some iPad games and taking a more casual approach to the game viewing, my sister and I are on the edge of our seats.

I’ve watched a lot of playoff games here. I remember watching game 7 against the Devils in 1988. I was finishing the 8th grade, and the Bruins had beaten the Habs for the first time in my life. I remember watching game 1 of the 1990 Cup Finals here, the most heart-breaking Bruins loss I’ve ever watched.

Although I don’t know how this game will end up, I’m thinking positive thoughts. I just got a text from my friend who told me his 5-year-old wants the Bruins to score 6 and the Lightning to score 2 in the 2nd period. I’ll take it!

I’m expecting the Bruins to show me just how badly they want this. If it’s as much as I want them to win, they shouldn’t have too many problems. GO B’S!!!!!

More later?

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