Saturday, May 21, 2011

Georgia Wedding Invitation (5/22/11)

My girlfriend and I came down to Savannah, Georgia this weekend for this wedding that she is a bridesmaid in. When I saw the Bruins playoff schedule, I saw that we would be down here for game 3 of the Conference Finals between the Bruins and Lightning. I quickly Googled directions, and found out Tampa was only* a 6 hour drive from here. I told her if the Bruins were ahead 3 games to 0, I would “have to” drive down to Tampa and go to the game. The Bruins ended up losing game 1, so it became a non-issue before we even got here.

We got in last night, and I spent the evening at the bride-to-be’s parents’ house getting to know everyone else that came for the wedding. The house was full of laughter and story sharing, and everyone had a great time. Of course, my girlfriend shared my “I want to go to game 4” story with everyone, and I think the guys understood more than the women.

Tonight is rehearsal dinner time, and the Bruins are going into the 3rd period tied 3-3 (after having a 3-0 lead in the first period). I’m lucky to have a girlfriend who understands my love for hockey and the Bruins, and I’ll be able to skip the church part of the evening and watch the end of the game. Thanks, Hun!

Looking forward to hanging out with the wedding crowd for dinner tonight, and for all the festivities tomorrow...

Let’s go B’s, strong 3rd period!!!

* Compared to driving from Massachusetts to Prince Edward Island

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