Monday, May 9, 2011

Worcester Magazine Best of Worcester Award

I think the last time I won something like this was an academic award…when I was in 8th grade. So, I was really psyched to win it.

But, I really could not have finished my 2010 T-shirt Blog, Dave’s Daily T-Shirts, without the help of many people:

First, my friend Glen who kindly gave me his MacBook when he upgraded. Thanks dude, I couldn’t have started this project without your huge donation.

Second, my family, girlfriend, and friends who helped make sure that I never ran out of t-shirts last year - especially my girlfriend who made sure all the t-shirts were washed and organized before I started selling them to benefit Hope Lodge.

Also, there were Facebook friends, Hope Lodge guests, websites, and local businesses who all donated t-shirts for this blog.

Thank you to everyone who made my 365 t-shirt year a possibility and to everyone who voted!

Also, thank you to Worcester Magazine for giving me the opportunity for this award and for everyone involved at the great party at the Sprinkler Factory. Congrats to all the other Best of Worcester winners, too!

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