Saturday, May 14, 2011

Medical Records, 2nd Round of Chemotherapy (5/13/92-5/15/92)

Yesterday, Friday May 13th, I went to UMass for a CT Scan of my intestines because of some symptoms I had been experiencing with my Crohn’s Disease. What I didn’t realize until after my appointment was that exactly 19 years ago to the day (5/13/92), I went to UMass to start my second round of chemotherapy for my cancerous brain tumor.

Even though my two trips to UMass were 19 years apart and involved some serious medical issues, they were both overshadowed by something (to me) that will always trump CAT Scans and chemo meds: Boston Bruins Conference Finals Playoff Hockey.

In 1992, the B’s were getting ready to face the Penguins for a chance to advance to the Cup Finals – also after sweeping their round 2 foes (The Habs). They lost Game 1 on May 17th, and would end up getting swept by the Pens and “Super Mario”. The Bruins had lost to the Penguins in the Conference Finals in 1991 as well, so it really wasn’t too surprising (I brought a Walkman to my Junior Prom that year so I could listen to game 6 – the game that eliminated the B’s from the playoffs).

This year, the B’s aren’t facing an NHL Powerhouse like the Penguins of the early 90’s, and I’m not facing a life-threatening situation like my brain cancer. But I think if they believe in each other and victory as much as I believed I would beat my brain tumor, they will be the ones advancing to the Cup Finals this year. I have B-elieved in this Bruins team since the beginning of the season, and I know they are capable of bringing the Cup back where it belongs. I’m not saying it will be easy, but anything is possible if you put your mind to it…


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