Monday, July 4, 2011

Drawing of George Thomas, Civil War Officer and...Ghost?

Back in March, I posted an investigation report from the Massachusetts Paranormal Society. They came to my apartment in Westboro to see if they could explain some unusual things I was experiencing – orbs floating in the room, things turning on and off, being surrounded by cold air, my guitar pushed out of my hands, etc.

After their investigation, one part of their report stated the following: “The first (spirit) that came through was of a very tall man. She described him as looking a bit like Abraham Lincoln. His name was George Thomas and he gave the date of 1857. While connected with George she had an overwhelming uneasy feeling. This was not a nice man. The rest of the team then joined this investigator. As she spoke with George, another member of the team picked up some high EMF readings in the area. She also sensed him and smelled cigar smoke. He became very angry when asked what he was doing in the town we were in. He insisted he was not there but in Weymouth.”

When I looked up George Thomas, I found this drawing of a Civil War Officer on Ebay. George Henry Thomas was an officer during the Civil War and was definitely around during 1857. I also read in that link that none of his blood relatives attended his funeral – if this is the same guy, that could be a good reason for hanging around…

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