Thursday, July 14, 2011

Slap Shot Autographed Dr. Hook (Paul D'Amato) Picture

When I was thinking of who to invite to Skating for Hope, I wondered if anyone from the movie Slap Shot would be available.

This is what the Hanson brothers wanted:

· Participation compensation is $1500.00(USD) each Player, each event. Compensation is due upon arrival prior to the Event in the form of three separate cashier’s checks; one payable to Jeffery Carlson, one payable to Steven Carlson, LLC., one payable to David J. Hanson, Inc.

· Host will make all agreed upon travel arrangements and be responsible for all round trip airfare charges for Jeffery Carlson -Grand Rapids, Michigan (GRR), Steven Carlson, Vicki Mabrey-Sacramento, California (SMF), and David Hanson -Pittsburgh, PA (PIT).

· All advertising and promotion uses of the Hanson Brothers, Players names./photographs/likenesses, et al. must include the following phrase in a legible fashion: The Official Home of the Hanson Brothers.

· Host will arrange and provide all hotel accommodations; one room per Player for entire duration of the expected stay.

· Host will arrange and provide all ground transportation to and from airports, hotels and the events.

· Host will ensure a private locker room for the game stocked with sodas, tape, towels, and three hockey sticks (2 left, 1 right).

· Host will provide meals or $45.00 (USD) per Player for food per diem for entire duration of his expected stay and checked bag fees if applicable.

Yeah…No thanks, Hansons.

I had much better luck with Worcester native Paul D’Amato, who played the bad guy Tim “Dr. Hook” McCracken in the movie. Paul emailed me back right away, and it was not with a list of demands. He said he was really interested in being involved, but wasn’t sure if he would be in Florida for an acting gig at the time. When I followed up with him last week, he told me that he was going to working in FLA during the SFH weekend but would be happy to send items for a raffle prize. This is what I got in the mail, along with a Dr. Hook t-shirt. You can check out the Dr. Hook website here, and the Dr. Hook online store here. Thanks again, Paul!

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