Saturday, July 2, 2011

Great Big Sea Tickets

The main reason I went up to PEI last year on Canada Day was that one of my favorite bands, Great Big Sea, had a concert on July 3rd. Although I had seen them several times before (these aren’t all my GBS tickets, just the ones I could find), I was excited to finally see them up in Canada.

GBS are pretty well known in the Boston/New England area, but they are HUGE in Canada. Their last 7 albums have all cracked the top ten in the Canadian charts, including hitting #1 for their 2002 album Sea of No Cares (Two interesting things about SONC – it was the first GBS album I ever listened to (thanks to my then girlfriend), and many of the songs were co-written by Boston-based musician Chris Trapper).

Even though the GBS boys put on a great show (as they always do), I was a bit disappointed with the crowd (even though many people commented that they loved the “I Heart My Vagina” t-shirt I was wearing). When I see Great Big Sea in Massachusetts, everyone at the show knows every single song and sings along for every single song. When I saw GBS in PEI, I could tell there were a lot of people there that weren’t diehard fans that bought every CD and knew all the songs. They sung along to most of the older ones, but didn’t know most of the songs from GBS’ past 3-4 albums.

I was still very happy to see all the GBS b’ys up on The Island, and am looking forward to their next show in Boston.

There will definitely be plenty of Great Big Sea songs played at Skating for Hope…which is 4 WEEKS AWAY!!!

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