Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rescue Me Season 5 DVDs Autographed by Denis Leary

I’ve written before about how lucky I am to have such a loving and supportive family. One of the most important lessons my family teaches me on a regular basis is a simple one: Step up when someone needs help.

It’s easy, and it comes in many forms. It’s a visit to the hospital. It’s a loaning a car or driving someone when their car is out of commission. It’s offering to talk to someone (and meaning it) during emotionally challenging times. It’s helping each other move. It’s lending your skills or area of expertise. It’s simply being there.

These past two years, my family has been a huge support of my t-shirt blog and Skating for Hope. Neither of these ideas would have been brought into reality without their help.

After Skating for Hope was made official, my mom helped out by getting these autographed Rescue Me DVDs (along with a signed book) for a raffle prize. I didn’t ask her to, she just did it. Thanks again, Mom.

Trying to list the number of times my family has helped me seems like an overwhelming task, but it will certainly be a chapter in a book someday…

PS – Last season of Rescue Me just started very bittersweetly.

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