Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Cards, Pictures, Pin, and Party Suggestions from the Fun Encyclopedia

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, Ireland Forever, and Sláinte! Yeah, I’m Irish…

I thought for today, I would share some more cards, a couple of pictures, my favorite St. Patty’s Day pin, and more from The Fun Encyclopedia.

The cards that I didn’t scan the inside are from my cousin and parents.

I love how my nephews in the picture from 2005 seem to be fixated on the food and not looking at the camera. The 2007 picture is from my visit to hang out with my friend Hilary in Chicago. Not only did I see the green river, I saw Great Big Sea on the 16th and Gaelic Storm on the 17th.

Like the March Wind Party I blogged about, there are a lot more wonderful tips on how to get your St. Patrick’s Day party on from the Fun Encyclopedia – although none of them involve playing with anyone’s lucky charms!

Oh, you can also check out my week of Irish t-shirts from last year (Who’s Your Paddy?, O’Islander, Danu, Dropkick Murphys – Fields of Athenry, Red Sox Shamrock, Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced, and Made in Ireland)

Looking forward to my favorite St. Patrick’s Day tradition later, hanging out with my awesome family!


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