Saturday, March 5, 2011

Massachusetts Film Office Rejection Letter (9/1/00)

It was 11 years ago that I completed my first script. I called it TRAGIC COMIC, and it was based on my life from the ages of 14-20. It dealt with the 1986 World Series, my Crohn’s Disease, brain cancer, and struggles with drinking. I started writing it when I was a sophomore in college, but didn’t have a computer and script writing software to start typing it until the fall of 1999.

Back then, the Massachusetts Film Office had an annual script writing contest to promote Massachusetts as a location for filming. The only criteria for entering was that the script had to have a certain percentage of Mass locations. Since mine was 100% Massachusetts, I thought it would be perfect for this contest. The judges, however, had different opinions:

Since completing TRAGIC COMIC, I have since written 5 more scripts. I wrote 2 Simpsons scripts, a Family Guy script, and 2 more original scripts. I think it’s time TC gets a rewrite, overhaul, and update. More on that later…

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