Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Great Big Sea Poem (3/2/06)

So, I wasn’t planning on scanning two poems in a row, but I wanted to include this one. I also wrote it five years ago, and this one was included in two of my poetry books – Poems from a Tragic Comic and Episode IV Play. Although this poem isn’t specifically about the Celtic band I love, Great Big Sea, I did use them for some of the emotions I was trying to convey.

Great Big Sea

Calming blue,

Caress my skin as

I dip in.

I taste your salty tears

And hear the cries

Of your up and down waves.

Let my hands

Nurture your nature

And relieve

Your surface tension.

I sit on the beach

With only a guitar,

Singing your songs,

Hoping they soothe

As well as your

Hypnotic Celtic

Iris ripples.

Great Big Sea,

You create my favorite island,

A place without

Fears, cares, or horizons.

Strum my soul strings

And reflect the Sun you bring,

Take me to that place

And leave this all behind…

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