Friday, March 18, 2011

Page from Junior Year Address Book (1994-1995)

When I was in college, there was no Facebook. Email and IMs were just emerging as a way of communicating, but cell phones and text messages were still a ways off.

We did have phones though, and answering machines. Many times my junior year roommates would enjoy listening to my dad’s messages: “Dave, this is your “fah-thah”…”

When I wanted to call someone that wasn’t a close relative or friend, I couldn’t rely on having it stored on our landline phone. I had to look it up in my address book (or the Boston College “Source”, which listed contact information for all undergrads).

I’d like to blame my drinking, but it seems I didn’t have enough friends to fill an entire address book. Or I think I put what would have been my “speed dial” numbers on one of the front pages. Here they are, and I hope they all feel honored to have made it on the page…

Notice how most of them don’t have area codes. Back then, if someone was in the same area code as you (617 in this case), you didn’t need to dial their whole number…imagine that! My parents told me that when they moved into Westboro, you only had to dial that last four digits if you were calling someone in Westboro. Now, even if you are calling next door you need the area code.

There’s only one person I have no idea about today. Sabrina was someone I met at my first drinking rehab stint during my sophomore year, and I never spoke to her after our junior year. Hope she’s doing well.

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