Sunday, March 6, 2011

Greg the Bunny DVD from Netflix

I had an awesome weekend up in NH going snowmobiling, but I’m not going to write much tonight because I’m feeling blah…blah.

I felt kinda blah eating breakfast, then I blahed twice in the rest area parking lot on the way home. I thought I was feeling better when I got home, but then I blahed out of my butt and mouth at the same time. Definitely need to call my Crohn’s Dr. if I’m not feeling better tomorrow.

Greg the Bunny yet. It’s a hilarious show from 2002 that starred Seth Green (creator of one of my favorite current shows, Robot Chicken), Eugene Levy, Sarah Silverman, and Bob Gunton (who played the warden in Shawshank Redemption).

The “blahs” come from Count Blah, one of the characters on Sweetknuckle Junction. If you like The Muppets and like laughing, I definitely recommend checking out Greg the Bunny. Looking forward to disc 2.

PS- Crohn’s can go blah itself.

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