Sunday, March 20, 2011

Harlem Globetrotters Ticket and Pictures (2011, 1986)

For the first time in about 25 years, I went to see the Harlem Globetrotters today. After a short with my brother and nephews from Hope Lodge to the Centrum (a.k.a. DCU Center), we found our seats and the game/show began. As I watched the opening tip off, I wondered how similar it would be compared to when I was a kid…

A lot of the plays, tricks, and jokes were similar, much to the delight of the Worcester crowd. Globetrotter showman “Big Easy” did a spectacular job running the game, talking to the ref, and interacting with the crowd. There was the usual three-man weave, basketball spinning, pulling down of shorts, dunks, illegal plays, and bouncing of balls off of objects other than the court. I think the most impressive display was the consistent 4-point shooting of Firefly – really unbelievable. And yes, the Globetrotters won.

As I watched with my nephews and brother, we wondered about a few things. I told them I knew the Globetrotters had actually lost once, but when was that? The announcer stated that it had been since 1971, but I think he was referring to the last loss against a team they toured with (it was a 100-99 OT loss to the New Jersey Reds on January 15, 1971). I also found out (thank you internet) that the Globetrotters lost in 1995, in 2000 to Michigan State, and most recently on my birthday in 2006 to the NABC All-Stars (see Globetrotters timeline).

I also wondered if they also sold Washington Generals merchandise….they do! You can buy a Generals t-shirt through the official site or a more of a mocking Generals t-shirt on sale at Crazy Dog T-shirts.

As we watched the various halftime competitions, I was brought back to my last Globetrotters game. My father entered me in a drawing to be part of a halftime shootout, and I was picked. Thanks to my father, I have this picture of me taking the shot. Unfortunately, it didn’t go in. Only one person who entered made the shot, and he won the contest. But, I still got to meet some of the Globetrotters after the game – and that was even better than being part of the free throw contest. You can see a few things in the picture of me getting autographs. One is player Harold “Bobo” Hubbard, who you can find on the all-time roster (which also includes, I had no clue, former BC Eagle Gerrod Abram). Two is my brother Tom. And finally, you can see my awesome Levi’s winter/denim jacket in my lap – man, did I love that thing!

The Globetrotters have been entertaining crowds for 85 years now, and I don’t see them slowing down anytime soon. They put on a fun, family-oriented, and at times amazing show when I saw them 25 years ago and they did they same today. I still wish I had made that shot though…

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