Saturday, March 12, 2011

Richard Wood Ticket (3/11/11)

Yes, this ticket has been ripped.

Last night, I had the pleasure sitting with my family to see PEI's Richard Wood play with Gordon Belsher at the Worcester Hibernian Cultural Center. Just like every other time I have seen these two perform, they did not disappoint (And they also provided a perfect distraction from another very disappointing Bruins loss…ugh).

I’m not going to describe how awesome Richard’s fiddle playing is and how well Gordon Belsher compliments him, you really have to hear and see for yourself. I will say that last night the entire crowd was waiting to give a standing o' for the last set...unbelievable. They do have some US tour dates left before heading back to Canada, so if you like Celtic music you should definitely check them out.

This YouTube clip gives you a hint, but it’s nothing like being at a show…

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