Thursday, March 3, 2011

Author Royalty Check

People often ask me how much money I make with each book sale. Well, for my book Poems from a Tragic Comic (see on or Publish America), I know the answer.

I can only say that having one sale in the last 6 months is better than no sales (right?). Thank you to the person who bought a copy! Also, thank GOD I have until June 1st to figure out what I want to do with this 84 cents. Maybe I should take this check to the bank and ask for 84 pennies. The possibilities are really endless. If I wanted, I could buy The Best Depressing Ukulele Music. According to this lecturer, I could spend A Day in Europe (back in 2004, anyway!).

Looking forward to when my royalty checks are closer to $84,000…


  1. so, how is it going now with our royalties?

  2. My royalties look like that in the beginning, but I transferred my books to as e-books and for the first month in December 2012, I sold 148 e-books and this month is already over 220. I'm glad I made the change. maybe you should do the same.

  3. LOL I too am a Publish America author but not long enough to have received a royalty check. I have two books out at the moment and the first publisher sent me a check for 6.85- I thought why even bother? Good for you.