Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Letter from Kimble Unger Literary Arts Group (2/6/03-3/21/03)

The heading makes it look like this agreement had a lifespan. In a way, I guess it did.

After I finished writing TRAGIC COMIC, I sent tons of letters to agencies. I tried reaching out to producers to see if someone was interested in reading it. As you can read about here, here, and here, I got a lot of rejection letters. Still, I never gave up. I kept trying and kept writing.

I wrote 4 more scripts (2 original, 2 Simpsons, and a Family Guy) and published 5 books. I published every day last year about my t-shirts at This year, I’m writing this blog.

I also have rough drafts of two children books and my autobiography (I’ve been through a few things).

I guess my point is I’m ready to have a legitimate agent, unlike this “agency” that wanted me to sign this letter of agreement and pay them $262.50. I never paid them or sent this back, and just found out that was a good decision. They are listed as “Strongly not recommended” on this website, and their current website doesn’t look too impressive either. I’m ready, literary agents. You’re going to be contacted soon. Who wants me?

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