Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yankees Starting Lineup Picture (1997)

Like I mentioned for my Miss Saigon Ticket, during the summer of ’97 I was a camp counselor at JKST(now JKCP) Camps on the grounds of Haverford College. After seeing the Broadway show during our day trip to NYC, we also went to some pier (Pier 17 / South Street Seaport?) for eats and shopping. When I came across the souvenir picture booth, I knew I had to take advantage of the Yankees background it offered. With the campers watching I couldn’t flip the camera off like I wanted, but I did my best to tastefully express my feelings for the Evil Empire. As the campers laughed at me, one New Yorker yelled out, “Hey, he’s gotta Boston hat!” I quickly grabbed my picture and the kids passed it around as we slinked our way to another part of the pier.

Say anything you want about what happened in the Red Sox clubhouse and how they lost a huge lead this season, that will never take away from my dislike of the Yankees. Seeing the Bruins banner raised last Thursday was truly dreamlike, but after an upsetting loss to the Flyers, watching A-Rod strike out to end game 5 was a nice consolation. The Sox and Yanks is the best rivalry in baseball, and I love knowing Yankees fans to help keep it going. At least Sox and Yankees fans can agree on one thing: we’re both better than Philly fans.

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