Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stanley Cup Viewing Ticket and Picture Download Card (With Kissing The Cup Picture)

Even though I have my awesome Dad to thank for getting to see The Cup today (like when I skated at the Fleet Center last year), I need to write about my just as awesome Mom today – it’s her birthday! And, it’s very fitting that I got to see The Cup on my Mom’s special day – she’s the biggest hockey fan that I know. Also, two NHL superstars (Mario Lemieux and Patrick Roy) were also born on October 5th.

It’s not news that I’m a huge fan of hockey and the Bruins. One of the biggest reasons I am so passionate about it is that I share this love with my family. When you look at all the pictures my dad took when we were kids, one of us is bound to have something Bruins on. We loved our B’s together, and every year our hearts ached together as The Cup went to some other city. Of course, that all changed this year.

The Bruins Cup celebration with my family was a lot like I pictured it: A lot of screaming, jumping, hugs, tears, and disbelief. The celebration continued this summer with the Boston parade, Adam McQuaid Day in PEI, and several Championship DVD viewings. And tomorrow, I will get to see the banner being raised before the Bruins game. I won’t be sitting right next to my dad and mom, but we will certainly be celebrating together. I will be wearing my I B-elieve t-shirt just like I did last year. If my mom has taught me anything, it’s that what I do, wear, and sit affects the outcome of the game.

Happy Birthday, Mom, I love you! Here’s to another awesome season for the B’s. They are Cup Champs until someone takes it away…

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PS – 13 steps to get your Cup picture?

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