Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bruins Opening Night Ticket

Last year, I wore my homemade Bruins “I B-elieve” t-shirt to the home opener and I wrote that I believed the B’s would win The Cup. Holy shit, I was right. NESN even published my story during the playoffs. This year, I believe even more…

The Boston Bruins are a team. They stay together, stick up for each other, and play hard no matter what (do NOT see also, 2011 Red Sox). They did it last year, so they know exactly what it takes to bring a title home. They may have not have Recchi, Savard, or Ryder anymore, but they still have most of the players who have their name on The Cup.

Even though tonight will be the last time we can really celebrate the 2011 Champs, the B’s have The Cup until someone successfully takes it away from them during the playoffs.

Last season and this summer were awesome, unbelievable, and dream-like; but tonight and the months ahead are reality. You know what it takes, so just do it again. Stick together B’s; stay healthy, and stay hungry. I hope you’re not satisfied with just one title…

GO B’S!!!!!!!

PS- I paid A LOT more than $25 for this ticket!

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