Friday, October 28, 2011

Pictures of Wheelock Research Binders (10/28/98)

When I was getting my Master’s at Wheelock in the fall of 1998, the professors made one thing really clear to my TSSN* classmates and me: You CANNOT turn your research binders in late. No matter what, no excuses; those things had to be handed in on time.

So, all of us made sure we handed them in on time (I believe they were due in early October?) on the shelves that were outside of the offices. And there the binders sat. One of my classmates told me she saw them sitting there after a couple of weeks, so when the end of October rolled around I wanted to see for myself – and they were still there.

I couldn’t believe that after putting the fear of God into us to get them done on time, the professors (most of which I thought were great) would not even begin to take a look at them. Furious, I immediately went to CVS to get some cobwebs. I returned to Wheelock with my camera and the little sign I made, (with my heartbeat racing) covered all the binders with the cobwebs, put the sign up, and snapped these pictures.

Although none of our teachers mentioned anything about my little stunt, I showed some of my Wheelock friends the pictures – much to their delight. I don’t know if they got the message, but I’m glad I sent it.

*Teachers of Students with Special Needs

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