Monday, October 3, 2011

Note from Wheelock College Alumni Office (7/26/11)

I’ve written and said it many times, but I couldn’t do many of the things I do without the help and support from other people. My t-shirt blog and Skating for Hope depended on family, friends, friends of family and friends, and many others.

The funny thing about support is you never know where it will come from. I contacted Stand Up To Cancer to see if they would donate a t-shirt for my blog last year, and never even heard back from them. They didn’t donate, but Hot Topic did.

Even though I hadn’t stepped on the Wheelock campus in over 10 years, I received this note from the alumni office just days before skating 24 hours. After Skating for Hope was over, they featured me in the Wheelock Alumni E-news for September. Thanks for all the support, Wheelock!

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