Saturday, October 29, 2011

Queensryche Ticket (House of Blues, Boston, 10/26/11 – make up date from 8/6/11)

(See 8/6/11 blog here)

Music is a great and funny thing. I love the bands Pearl Jam and Extreme. I listened to both bands extensively during my chemo and “drinking days”. They helped me through difficult times, and their songs just got inside me. Last year, I even had “Tragic Comic” tattooed on my shoulder.

But, music is a funny thing. Different bands impress people differently. Instead of Extreme and Pearl Jam, my friend Carl loves Queensryche. He has their symbol tattooed on his shoulder, and he doesn’t miss any of their local shows. And just like me and “my” bands, he will defend their skills and songs until death.

Although Carl and I would love to believe we could convert the other into super fandom, it’s safe to say it will never happen. I have a fantasy where I convince Queensryche to let Gary and Nuno secretly write an album for them, and after Carl tells me how great it is, I triumphantly do my best Dark Helmet, “Foooooled you!!!”

Even though Carl and I will never agree who is the better guitar player or band (Nuno Bettencourt and Pearl Jam in case you were wondering), we still are willing to go see what all the fuss is about. Carl came with me to see Extreme in 2006, and I went to my first “Ryche” show on Wednesday. Going to my 2nd Ryche show tonight, so now I will either have to make Carl see Pearl Jam with me or we can watch the Pearl Jam Twenty DVD I just bought.

Here’s a couple pictures and a clip from Queensryche signing “I Don’t Believe in Love” – only a minute long, and you get to see Carl headbanging away…

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