Monday, October 10, 2011

Red Sox / Indians Game 4 1999 ALDS Ticket, Pictures of Scoreboard (10/10/99)

12 years ago tonight I was at Fenway, and Fenway was rockin’. My friend Deb took me to many games when she had an extra ticket, and this one was probably the best.

After being down zero games to two in the best of five series, the Sox made a statement in game 4. Not only did they score in every inning they batted except the 6th, the Bo Sox scored 23 times total and won 23-7. According to, they scored more than 19 NFL teams did that day.

The deciding game 5 that Boston forced was played the next night and on the back of Pedro’s 6 hitless innings of relief, the Sox won 12-8 and took the series three games to two.

Even though what happened in the ALCS that year was quite a different story, I wonder if any MLB team will ever score this many runs in a postseason game again. It truly was unbelievable to watch. Why did Deb have to get married and move to Montana?

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