Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wall of Water Ticket (4/12/02)

I love watching playoff hockey. The intensity, the checking, the goals, the overtimes, and the passion all amaze me. But, I can play hockey pretty well. I know what it feels like to be skating and competing, even if it’s at a level way below the NHL.

Something I can’t do is act. I tried taking an intro class my senior year of college, and I didn’t do very well. Well, I was good at all the improv stuff. But when it came to memorizing, being in a scene, and becoming someone else, I struggled.

One of the reasons why I knew acting wasn’t one of my strengths was that I had been watching my younger sister Megan excel at it for years. Whether it was a comedy, musical, drama, or a take on Shakespeare that required Cliff’s Notes to understand, she always left me in awe of the way she could play the part.

Even though I don’t really remember what The Wall of Water was about (and the Amazon review doesn’t really help), I’m sure a quick summary by Meg would jog my memory (I think it was a comedy?). I believe this was also the last play I saw Meg perform at Stonehill, and it’s hard to believe that was 9 years ago.

Ah, I found this page on the Stonehill website and found some other plays I watched there (and I was right, Wall of Water is comedy!):

Spring 2002

Wall of Water by Sherry Kramer

This fast-paced farce is a jewel in the comic world. The classic humor on mistaken identity mixed with many new-aged twists leaves the audience wanting for more.

Wall of Water is not simply a bunch of funny one-liners and slapstick; it is an intractably woven tale that tackles subjects as serious as death and as important as scientific inquiry, and everything in between.

Wall of Water offers a delightful cast of characters, from the mentally unstable Wendy to the serious and studious Stuart who all take on the world in their own, unique way, on this one day out of their lives- the one day when everything goes wrong!

Fall 2001

Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury

Spring 2001

Ubu by Jeff Goode (I don’t remember this one, but I could have been at a BC Hockey Frozen Four Game)

Fall 2000

Wild Oats by John O'Keefe

Spring 2000

Gint by Romulus Linney

I’ll have to see if I come across any tickets from these other plays. Thanks for always putting on a great show, Meg!

In the meantime, GO B’S!!!!!

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