Thursday, April 21, 2011

UMass Outpatient Bracelet and Low Residue Diet List

Okay, I can’t write much tonight because the Bruins are about to come on…

I had a checkup with my Crohn’s Dr. today, and it went so-so. I told him about my most recent flare-ups, and he told me he was ordering a new CAT Scan to see how my intestines were looking. He also told me that I should go back on the “Low Res” diet that they put me on when I was hospitalized three years ago.

I honestly don’t understand the low residue diet when it comes to my Crohn’s. It supposed to help my flare-ups, but this list has a lot of things that make my Crohn’s bad. Out of everything I’ve ever put in my body, coffee by far made my stomach cramp the most. And soda (carbonated beverages) with sugar and caffeine is a close second to coffee. Also, the desserts and sweets list seems a bit too heavy on the “allowed” side. I know Crohn’s is different for everyone, and what upsets my insides might not upset someone else. I guess I should be glad with Easter coming up that jelly beans are okay.

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