Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bruins Community Captain - Ticket, Bag, Krejci Autographed Picture and Puck (4/6/11)

Two days ago, I got a call from my mom telling me she had nominated me to be the “Community Captain” at a Bruins game and they picked me for yesterday’s game against the Islanders. Awesome.

I looked at the website, and it said each community captain gets 4 tickets, recognition on the scoreboard, and a Bruins prize pack. I wondered why the list of previous Community Captains only went as far as November of 2009, but was still excited that the B’s had picked me.

It took me about ½ of a second to figure out that my parents would be my #1 and #2 picks to take to the game with me. Not only had my mother nominated me, my parents have taken me to many, many, many games over the years. And with the playoffs fast approaching, I thought taking my girlfriend to another game would be a good way to make her more understanding of things I would most likely say and do during the postseason.

The tickets I got were great – only 18 rows from the ice. And even though the B’s didn’t play their best game of the season, there were some exciting and tense moments throughout.

Sometime during the 2nd period there was a guy (intern?) looking down our row but in the wrong part of the section. He eventually found me, congratulated me, and gave me the bag that had the puck and picture autographed by Krejci (which was inside a sweet Bruins folder!).

The only part of the night that was a little bit of a bummer was that they didn’t announce it or put my picture on the jumbotron. I don’t think this was something they “forgot” to do, I just think maybe they don’t do it anymore and haven’t updated the website (Also, it was obviously more important to have the crowd guess the name, artist, and date for the song “Two Princes”).

The funny part of the game involved a player I’m usually yelling at a lot when I watch: Dennis Seidenberg. He scored the second Bruins goal, and I started rooting for him the whole game. I figured all that negativity I usually sent his way didn’t help, so I would change it up a bit. Then after the game, we were walking right towards him. I started jumping up and down like a little kid and whispering, “It’s Dennis, it’s Dennis!” to my girlfriend. I had to say something, so as we passed I said, “Hey Dennis, good game!”

He smiled and said, “Thank you very much.” I hope to continue sending him good vibes throughout the playoffs, and help the B’s bring the Cup back to Boston.

The night might not have been everything I was expecting, but it was a great time…GO B’s!

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  1. Did you notice, through the bouncing, how ready that guard was to block you? I saw him take a step and put an arm out, like you were about to bound into Dennis' arms!

    "Seidenberg! I hate that guy!!"