Friday, April 1, 2011

Bruins Ticket from 3/31/11 - Let's Stop Chanting USA, USA, USA at B's Games, Please

I’ve tweeted and had Facebook posts about this, but after going to the game last night I felt the need to go more in depth.

I’ve noticed when the Bruins play the Canadiens and other teams from Canada, a lot of people in the crowd start chanting “USA, USA, USA!” at some points during the game.

To those people (especially the drunk guy sitting the row behind me last night – you’re welcome I didn’t have security kick you out, by the way), I’d like to point out a few things:

  1. According to the current Bruins roster, 17 out of 24 (or 71%) of the Bruins are Canadian.
  2. Not only are a majority of Bruins from Canada, hockey is from Canada.
  3. Only two of the Bruins (Tim Thomas and Steven Kampfer) are from the US.
  4. The Captain of the Canadiens, Brian Gionta, is from the US.
  5. The Maple Leafs have 4 players from the US.
  6. The “Habs” have seven US-born players.
  7. The Bruins are not the US Olympic Team.
  8. The Bruins aren’t playing against Canada or fans from Canada.
  9. The Bruins don’t care what the nationalities of their opponents or their fans are.
  10. Yelling “Let’s Go Bruins!” is a perfect way to let the team know you root for them.

I hope that’s enough to show you how stupid you sound when you chant “USA, USA, USA!” like it’s the 1980 Olympics.

I pride myself on knowing the game of hockey and being a Bruins fan, but these chants make you less of a Bruins and hockey fan.

Let’s start being better fans of the B’s and of the game, people. Really.

By the way, if you think you have to get totally wasted to enjoy hockey, I don’t think hockey is for you…

Go B's!

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