Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Teacher Bumper Sticker

I was sifting through a pile of random notes, cards, and tickets, and came across this bumper sticker I got when I was a special ed teacher back in 2005. I bought it at an anti-war rally in Washington, DC, and put it up on my classroom door. You can read the story about going to the rally in my article for the Westborough News here.

Although I have run across a few teachers that I wouldn’t trust running the country, most of the people I met in education shared my thoughts on most issues. Teachers I have known have been thoughtful, hard working, underpaid, creative, caring, and funny. They take their jobs home with them, provide an immeasurable service to our youth, and many work with students that would rather be somewhere else.

If you want one or know a teacher who deserves one, I did find two websites that sell them: Here and here.

And if you haven’t, hug a teacher today!

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