Thursday, February 10, 2011

Movie Tickets (Part 1)

My name is Dave and I love going to the movies.

I will try to give brief summaries/memories of each of these as they come to me…

Episode 3 – Getting this ticket was bittersweet for me. I was psyched to be going to another midnight viewing of what I was betting would be the best of the Star Wars prequel movies (I was right). I also knew it would be the last time I would be going to see a Star Wars movie for the first time. On a funny note, I was on the WBZTV news when Joyce Kulhawik reported outside of the theater. And on a side note, two of my friends started dating after they met using two of the tickets that I bought…they are engaged now.

Star Trek – I am not a Star Trek fan and have only seen a handful of the classic TV episodes. When I was young, I saw the first two Star Trek movies, but never watched any of the Next Generation or newer movies. Still, I really enjoyed this movie. It also marked the beginning of one of my best friends moving back to Westboro…and that made me very happy.

High Fidelity – This is still one of my favorite movies and if you haven’t seen it, you should put it on your Netflix list. It’s based on a book, but like Jim Gaffigan says, “You know what I liked about the movie? NO reading…I was done in two hours.” I think I went to see this one with my sister Megan when I lived in Waltham.

The Simpsons – I went to see this after driving 650+ miles to Prince Edward Island. How could I not see the Simpsons Movie on opening night? A couple I met in line could not believe I had awoken in Massachusetts that morning.

Toy Story 3D – I saw this with my brother and his kids. If you’re having a bad day and/or week, these kids are the perfect cure. There aren’t many things I like more than being asked “Uncle Dave, do you want to go to the movies with us?”

Avatar – I saw this with my awesome friend Glen, and I really enjoyed it. I was bummed after the movie because I knew it was the last time I was hanging with Glen before him and his wife moved across the country. Skype has helped in that respect.

Fever Pitch – Always a fan of movies with local flavor. When people I knew heard they were making a movie about a teacher who was a diehard Sox fan, they all jokingly asked if the filmmakers had my permission.

Tron 3D – I saw this with my great friend Andy while he was back in Massachusetts for the holidays. Not as good as the first Tron, but it was pretty cool. Not too many scenes that made the 3D stand out.

Hamlet 2 – Silly comedy I saw with a friend from the camp I worked at in Maine. It made me laugh, haven’t seen it since.

Miracle – Saw this at a sneak preview with my friend Kristen. It made me cry the first time I saw it, and pretty much every time since. The “Do You Believe In Miracles?” documentary is even better, I think.

Still We Believe – Saw this with Glen after we went to a Sox game. It’s the documentary about the 2003 Red Sox Season. I had to turn my head away for Boone’s homerun, but I thought it was a well done film.

Golden Compass – A fantasy book turned into a movie I went to with my friend Cailin. Pretty good movie, and violent at times.

The Town – Like Fever Pitch, I’m always gonna like the Boston-based movies. The Fenway scene in this one was fantastic.

Grown Ups – I saw this with my Little Brother. He laughed a lot, and I did a few times. Obviously not as good as Sandler’s classics like Happy Gilmore.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Not as good as the original, but I am a big fan of Johnny Depp’s work.

Doubt– This was the yearly Christmas movie I see with my sister Megan (and others, it varies from year to year). Another wonderful job by PSH – Meryl Streep and Amy Adams were awesome, too.

Megamind – another one I saw with my Little Brother. A great kids movie (so yeah, I liked it)

Star Wars – the animated Clone Wars movie, I went to see this with my nephews and niece. My niece fell asleep towards the end…I didn’t blame her.

Amityville Horror – My friend Cailin likes horror movies, and I think this one was her choice. A remake, but based on a true story. I was only months away from meeting the spirits in my apartment…

Indiana Jones – I saw this (the latest Indy movie) before going to a Sox game in 2008. Not surprisingly, it wasn’t as good as any of the originals. But, I don’t think it was as bad as a lot of people say. The alien part made sense to me. Every Indiana Jones movie has religious implications. This one did too, if you think about it…

Shrek 2 – Big fan of Shrek and his movies. And even the Shrek the Halls Christmas special. Of course, that reminds me of Eve Eve and my nephews and niece, so I’m a little biased.

W – Wasn’t as scathing as I thought (or wanted) it to be, but like everything with “W”, I shook my head a lot.

Talladega Nights - I think I saw this one with Glen, too. Silly comedy that made me laugh a lot.

There Will Be Blood – Saw this with my friends Erin and Kerry. Daniel Say-Lewis was incredible, but I really didn’t like the movie/story. I kept thinking, “Okay, where’s the f’n blood?”

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