Monday, February 7, 2011

Note from Suzie (February 5, 1994)

So there I was in rehab during my sophomore year in college…

I was placed in the “dual diagnosis” program for people that had problems with drugs/alcohol in addition to emotional issues. I certainly had post-cancer feelings I wasn’t coping with in a healthy way (drinking shot after show of vodka, for instance), but I felt most of the other “guests” at McLean had emotional issues that were more severe and had been with them longer than mine. There were people that heard voices, some that hated everything about themselves, and others that wanted to hurt themselves. I just wanted to get back to BC, so I did what I needed to do. I agreed to go to a counselor at school and look into when there were AA meetings on campus (more on these later).

When I did get back to campus, this note was waiting for me from my friend Suzie:

I had met Suzie when she was walking through my dorm one night. She and her friends stopped to look at my door, and she was admiring some David Letterman top ten list I had posted. We talked for a bit, and when I told her that I worked at The Club (a late night snack/hangout place), she told me she had just applied for a job. We ended up working together at The Club, and have been friends ever since.

Even though Suzie had only known me for a few months, her note was already reminding me in that I shouldn’t be drinking anymore. And even though I had just gotten back from rehab, I still wasn’t ready to stop. She also mentions the David Letterman t-shirt I got her when I went to a viewing of the show in December of 1993 (my friend Tim and I went thanks to tickets my friend Patrick gave us…awesome time!). My only hope is that one day some college student will refer to wearing a Dave McGrath t-shirt as “thrilling”. We’ll see how that goes…

Thanks, Suzie, for letting me post this and for being such a great friend over the years!

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